Monday, December 7, 2009


Today the director of Forget Me Not children's homes went to the bush of Liberia Africa
to find this little boy to put him in our program. The father felt he was a worthless
burden and didn't want to keep him. He had Cerebral Palsy. When she found the
father he said he had "killed him."
My heart is breaking at the loss of such a beautiful child. He deserved love, a home
and everything a "NORMAL" child has. It is the reason for our ministry, why our
Lord has laid these children on our hearts.
I pray he lays these children on your hearts. Please pray we find funding to take in more
children before they are abandoned to die.
Pray that the Liberian people come to
know JESUS so they will see the blessings in these wonderful children.
Pray that God
gives us wisdom to do his will.
As some of you know; many of us have been helping in different ways in Liberia since the adoption of our children. One of those ways is with a program called Forget-Me-Not Children’s Homes. These are foster homes for special needs children. In deed-Christina is in Liberia this week working with the program nurse as well as meeting all the children and caregivers in these homes. To read more about this:

At this time of year, our thoughts and hearts turn to those who are less fortunate and how we might be able to help. We encourage you to consider giving to this program so that we can continue to help and support children who have been left abandoned because of their unique special needs. It is as easy as going to and clicking on the pay pal button. You are welcome to send a donation to our address listed on this site as well. We are a 501c3 and give receipts upon request. And as always, you can reach us by phone at #715-415-4401

We also have an African Inspired Quilt Raffle that you can participate in. All proceeds are going towards the homes for special needs children in Liberia. What a great gift for a loved one in your circle of family or friends. The warmth of this quilt will be appreciated by your loved one and the donation of this raffle will go to precious children in need of your help. Thank-you!

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