Sunday, December 20, 2009

Omar being totally goofy
Sherman and Anna with babies

Anthony with Rescued Puppy

Destiny with rescued puppy

Today we took our foster puppies (well at least supposed to be) to the Rescue center once again for their final shots. And once again they asked us if we would like to leave the puppy's NOW to be adopted.
Once again I said that I just couldn't stand to leave them in a kennel alone while they waited to be adopted.
I was willing to come down and sit with them every time the doors were open to see if someone
would adopt them, but to leave them....
I searched my feelings over and over on the way home. Crying out to God for some type of answer on why I couldn't leave puppies.... they are not humans for goodness sake. We even (some of my children and I) went to the animal control so I could convince myself they were going to a much better place at the Rescue... but all it did was cause me to cry. Tons of puppies crying, shaking, alone.....
And why should of any of this surprise me? In Liberia and all over the world they discard there babies like trash. If you have a disability you are not fit to live. Children are abandoned in hospitals, feeding centers, and on the streets or the bush to die.
In Haiti they use there discarded children for there own slaves. Yes you heard right SLAVES. It still exists today. Our DOGS in this country are treated better!
Oh and our country... we get patted on the back because we have foster/welfare systems. But have you ever looked into the eyes of a hopeless foster child? Destined for home after home until they are thrown out into a cold and heartless world with no compassion or trade?
The Lord in his goodness reminded me that my compassion for animals is what led me to be a nurse, it is what opened my heart to adopting numerous children and now what drives me to work in Liberia Africa to help the lonely, abused and abandoned special needs children.
COMPASSION is the heart of Jesus. It drove him to heal the sick, comfort the hopeless and then die to save all of us from eternal Hell.
So I take my children to hold abandoned and hurting animals so that maybe a spark of great compassion will ignite in their souls. And I pray that every one of them will go to Liberia or a homeless center or anywhere in the world to carry on the Great Commission of Christ.....

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