Sunday, May 30, 2010


Abandoned kittens found in our yard.

CeCe and Conner with their new blankets

Joe bringing his mom flowers

Cactus blooming.

Anthony, Omar, Yeawee,
Voni and Ben with Rabbits.

Our German shepard watching over the baby Geese.

I just love spring as I am sure most people do. It is like a new beggining
for everything in my life. Everything is blooming, the garden is started,
the kids can go outside to play and new babies are being born everywhere.

Richard one of my ten yr. old sons wanted a pair of Geese for a pet.
He was so thrilled to see those two yellow fuzzy birds brought
to him in a box. Now what he doens't like is all the work it is
taking to keep them alive. We have a small cage in our bathroom which
frequently needs changing, they have to watered, fed and loved.
Man it is a lot of work to be a Goose daddy!

And you know what?

Geese are just plain fun. Are they supposed to be lovable? I am
not sure, but they love to be picked up and snuggled, cry to be
held and fall asleep in your arms if they are there too long.
Oh the joy of simple things in life.

Yesterday Aurallila pulled down a rock on her head trying to cover
the rabbits with a tarp. She seemed ok at first but today she was
feeling nauseated so I took her to the Dr. They ordered a CAT scan
so off we went to the hospital. Everyone was so amazingly nice.
The people running the scan gave the kids tons of stickers, scrap
booking magazines and begonia clipping. Now I am sorry but this never
happened in Bakersfield. So maybe, just maybe, I am in love with this
town. Oh and by the way the CAT scan was normal. Praise God!

A few weeks ago we went out to eat at a restaurant with all the kids.
The waitress took a real interest in all
the kids and wanted to know more about our family. I proceeded to tell
her the kids were all adopted and some of our family story.
She told me she knits blankets for foster children here in town and could she knit blankets for all my kids.

Wow! Of course you can....

So we got two of the blankets this week and I gave them to Conner and CeCe.
They were so thrilled and they look beautiful. I am just amazed at how
some people can love so much giving without receiveing anything in return.
She also told me her dad has a card ministry that he does with almost no
eyesight, could he send cards to my kids?
This family's cup runneth over with the Love of Jesus!

They are modeling the heart of my Jesus. He gave away his life to give me eternal salvation. I know for myself that is where my deep need to give comes from.
Because he loves me so much, has forgiven me over and over, I can pour out
that love on others.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.

Oh yeah, the picture of my son bringing me flowers. Just because.
Is there anything more precious?

Thank You Lord for new begginings, that joy comes in the morning, that I don't
have to dwell on what's behind but push forward to what is ahead.

Put spring in my soul everyday......

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