Friday, November 26, 2010

Joseph needs help now

Below is a letter from the director or Global orphan outreach. We are needing
medical help for Joseph soon... time is running out. He will need FREE medical
care including a hospital and Doctor. Or...someone willing to put him on their
medical insurance. There is a list of host requriements.....
Please feel free to contact me or Global for more information.

Hello all-
Joseph is the boy that I have known now for 3 years and have tried to advocate for medical care for him. He dreams of being a geologist one day and does well in school when he does attend. His father is in college to become an accountant.They love their son...

I have been helping with Joseph medical bills about every 6 months. He has a lung abscess that has requires Dr. Sherman to punch a large needle in his chest and draw the fluids away from his heart and lung so that he can breath better. Dr. Sherman has stated that Joseph needs a shunt put in his chest to draw this fluid away. The problem is Joseph isnt a cute 2 year old where every one jumps in wanting to help... he turns 17 this Christmas. We need someone to see his awesome potential and help him for who he is- a bright boy who aspires to live and and have a future like any teenager.

PLEASE pass this info onto others- perhaps there is someone who can help. It will take another $200 for his procedure to be done but that just buys him time and the time between treatments is becoming shorter and shorter. If there is anyone who can help with his medical visa, host, doctor/hospitals, please contact me today. Thank you, Donna

Hi Sis. Donna:

We write you with the deteriorating condition of our beloved son, Joseph Darwar Jr who is coughing up blood through his mouth and nose upon your recent departure from Liberia the cough intensified. He is right now out of school. Your humanitarian consideration to help take this boy back to the hospital will be awesome.

Sis. Donna, I am still a student without any source of funding to even feed myself, family, etc. My wife is willing to go into business to help handle some of these emergencies, but I am squarely incapacitated.

The worst of all these experience is the illness of my dear son. Help my son not to die as I cannot help as a father with my background mentioned above.

Yours, anticipating your consideration,

Joseph Darwar- Liberia


  1. I'm so excited to find your blog and am looking forward to reading more. We have 3 children adopted from Liberia ( 9 total) and are feeling called to adopt HIV pos. children. It's so exciting to read about Liberia.
    Nice to "meet" you -

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