Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Miracles

I know when you look at these pictures of my son Richard you are not thinking miracles, but let me explain.

Several days before Christmas Richard (age 10) started complaining of pain in his stomach, mostly on the right side. As a nurse I immediately though of his appendix but none of the other signs were there, temprature, nausea/vomitting so I really
prayed it was just muscle strain. A day before he had been play fighting with his
brothers and nephews(he is a young uncle) and I was hoping he was just sore but I
took him into urgent care anyway. The doctor examined Richard and determented that it
was indeep muscle pain and that he would feel better in a few days. I rejoiced that
it wasn't his appedix and expected him to bounce back the next day.

He didn't.

My usually lively son was just laying around, little appettite and still complaining of stomach pain. I really thought he just didn't want to feel the muscle pain by
getting up and waited.

But he didn't get better.

After 24hrs he still wasn't moving much and complained of increase pain. I then KNEW this wasn't muscle pain and proceeded to take him into ANOTHER emergency room.

I worked in a prison for thirteen years as a nurse and had seen many appendisitis cases. Many times It was my job to access the inmate and tell the Dr. if I thought it was his appendix. Let me tell you they are VERY difficult to diagnose and I along
with the Dr. had made the wrong diagnosis.

Arriving at the emergency room at one in the morning we waited 5 hours to see the doctor. I am in Ca. and let me tell you emergency rooms her are so much different then the little town in Texas.

Once we were in a room the emergency room doctor (that had diagnosed and treated another one of my sons with croup) walked in the room and said "this is one sick child." He then listened to his symtoms, did a quick examination and said "it is his appendix but I am getting a cat scan."

Even though I sensed that Richard was having appendsitis he still had no fever,
CBC (blood test) was normal and he still was only having pain. I prayed with
all my heart that it still was muscle pain.

See when you are a nurse all of the awful experiences you have ever seen come rushing
back in. Becasue I knew if he had ruptured we were in for a long ride and he was going to get a lot sicker. Then them imense guilt hit. Why didn't I push for him
to get a cat scan sooner? Why did I wait until now? What kind of mother and nurse
am I? Even though I knew that ALL of these accusations were from Satan himself I let
him continue to beat me up as I did everything in my own power not to cry.

My small son was riding on my faith.

Sure I can talk a big faith talk when there isn't much at stake but he was watching my every faith move. Would I fall apart believing there was little hope when the chips were down? Or did I have the strengh to reach out to a really BIG God and believe he would be there no matter what the outcome.

The Doctor came in and said the cat scan was positive for appendisitis and he had ruptured but he still wanted the radioligist to read the scan to confirm. He would get back to us in about an hour.

I felt crushed.

My son began to cry. I took a few deep breaths and told my son we were going to pray.
To storm the throneroom of God for healing and strengh. So we prayed and I felt the Holy Spirit say to cover his abdomen with my hands and pray for healing. I felt such a calmness and power engulf both me and Richard.

God met us there.

The radioligist confirmed it had ruptures and surgery was being scheduled immediately. I called my daughter Monique in Texas and said "Call everyone you know to pray."

Two other grown kids came to stay with the 17 at home, my husband came to be at the hospital and we waited.... prayed and yes cried.

But unknown to me at the time MANY people were asking the one and only healer for help on our behalf. That Richard who had perfect peace was being surrounded with the
presence of God! And you know what?

After two hours of surgery the surgeon walked in and said "it all went well and he did not rupture." After a moment of shock I just couldn't stop PRAISING GOD!!

Matthew 17:19-20 when he said "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, `Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

I am not sure how others feel when God hears my prayes but I felt "MIGHTY LOVED"
that day and I know Richard did too. Because my little boy is a warrior for Christ,
first to lead prayer and many times bold enough to walk to the front of the church to pray.

Thank you Lord for a Christmas miracle! For once again hearing me when I cried out.
And thank you that you are in charge.

Your loving daughter Tanya

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  1. What a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness and love! I felt the Holy Spirit as I read this. Amazing! Praise the Lord!