Friday, October 30, 2009

Hallelujah celebration

We had a wonderful time at my grown daughters church celebration.
Like most churches they replaced Halloween with a Godly celebration.
It was also held on another night besides Halloween.
The kids filled up with lots of candy, free hot dogs, played
lots of games and ended the night with a free bible, their
most treasured possession. Even though they all have their
own bibles at home, they couldn't wait to come home and put
their names and dates in the little ones they got at the
Once again I was so terribly proud of my kids and their actions.
They all took a partner and watched them closely, remembered to
say thank you and even shared some of their bounty with siblings.
The only thing dampened the night was when my car started
rolling backward when the kids got out of the car. The car was
in gear, the emergency brake on...... but suddenly I heard
my son-in-law and husband yelling "Tanya the car is rolling."
That feeling of what if tore at my heart, and I just had to
cry out of fear and then out of thankfulness to my loving
and gracious GOD for protecting my children and grandchildren.

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