Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another plea for help

Me with one of the little girls I adore.

Faith and one of the children she is adopting

Christina the director loving God's call on her life.

Another plea for help for the Forget-Me-Not Kids. Sometimes it just
feels like begging. Why do we even have to worry about how to
feed, clothe and take care of these precious ones when we KNOW
JESUS has commanded it?

Now the director of FMN is just asking for 25 sponsors to pay
25 a month... faithfully! So little to save a life.

The director who works forty hours or more a week for free.

Who takes time out of her own fiances to keep FMN up and running.

Who has a special needs son of her own from Liberia and knows what
sacrifice is.

Who in tremendous faith BELIEVES in God's faithfulness.

It was not a coincidence that several women felt the call to this ministry.

Now, we need God's people to step up in faith and answer God's call to help.

Your out there! You hear that still small voice saying give, pray, encourage or
maybe even adopt.

We all can play even a small part in the kingdom of God if we will just heed the


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