Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kids Baptized

Seven of our children made the committement to be baptized. We talked about
over and over what it meant and we were sure they understood before
we let them move forward. I was also very thankful our pastor went over
it once again before everyone came forward for baptism.
It was so emotional seeing everyone make a public committement to Jesus. My kids
with innocent hearts and those who had been suffering in the world and had
just come to Christ. There heartfelt testimonies of how the world had sucked
the life from them and then they found Jesus who had put life back in.
There wasn't a dry eye in the house! Everyone crying in happiness for
them and I am sure a few of us related to being "saved" from the world.
I am so.... thankful for God's intervention in my life. I was not raised
in a Christian home, actulally in a very disfunctional home. An aunt
who came to know Christ started filling me with the love of God at a very
early age. I don't even want to imagine what my life would of been
without a loving and faithful savior in my life. So I am very thankful
for every person who is added to the kingdom of God and to my ever
growing Jesus family.


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