Friday, January 1, 2010

Varney and his Mother.

Have you ever spend time just complaining? I had one of those nights. I don't know if it is hormones or just a spirit on discontentment. Lord I said " I hate living in such a little house and not having dryers." I hate that it is so dirty here and cold out in the country." "I miss my really big housein California" I was sobbing and well... you get the picture.

After I was done, my kind, loving, patient God just gently said "I wonder what Varney's mom is feeling right now? "

It was like a knife of reality pierced my soul. You see Varney has SEVERE hydrocephalus. He is 12 months old and is secluded from his community because of his deformity. His mother and him live in a one-room shack with a dirt floor. and with no money to care for themselves. Varney has bedsores on his head from lying all the time, as his head is too heavy to lift. His mother goes several days without eating . He laughs and interact with his mother but she cannot find him any medical help in Africa.

So how does she feel watching her child die, slowly, knowing she has no options? How does it feel to be hungry every day of your life? How does it feel to live in a shack with dirt floors....and have no one to talk to because you are a discrace for trying to save your special needs son?

Oh God, forgive me! How can I be so selfish when I have everything. I will never see my children die of a curable disease. I will never see them slowly die of starvation or drink contaminated water that gives them parisites.It is so easy to live in America and forget that so many are suffering. Thank You Lord for bringing me back to reality.

I cried and prayed even harder then... not for myself, but for Varney and his mom.....

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