Friday, August 27, 2010

Proof of it being a rattlesnake

Ron holding a rattlesnake

Our Boys

Our girls

There are things I really love about Texas but rattlesnakes are not one of them.
We moved here a year ago and were warned about the rattlesnakes but we didn't see one until now. I had convinced myself that if we hadn't seen one in a year, they probabley were staying away because of the noisy kids, birds (chickens, geese, ducks)and eight barking dogs, but I was wrong. Joe was pulling up a tarp
by the garden and a snake tried to bite him in the foot. Oh thank you Jesus he had
boots on and reacted quickly by kicking it away. I was in California when my
husband called and told me what happened and I just cried. Just the thought of it
was terrifying. My husband a lot less emotional then I just went outside and killed the snake and brought it in for some teaching.
This is what you do not go near!

We were in Sam's club recently, well come to think of it I am ALWAYS in Sam's club buying groceries, but they offered some old time picures. I was really happy that they turned out so well and love looking at my beautiful kids.

Of course while we were there the guy taking the pictures was totally freaked out on how he was going to get 20 people in one photo (we did a family picture too) but he
calmed down when he realized my kids were going to cooperate.

He then wanted to know about adoption.

I hear constantly from people that they have always wanted to adopt... but then
come the millions of excuses why they don't. My husband won't let me (that is a good one I have to admit), we never could afford it, what if something happened and they
couldn't stay (foster care) and the list goes on.

I am always happey to tell them ways to make it happen if they really want to. I am living proof that foster children do go into adoptions, private birth adoptions really happen and you can adopt internationally and not be wealthy.

And most importantly you can adopt and make a difference in a child's life and survive.

Yes sometimes there are dissapointments, fear, feelings like why did I ever put myself through all this pain, but anything in life that is worth doing involves some risk.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7

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